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Covid-19 and its lock-down consequences have changed the game of the journey towards a digital enabled work organisation. It is not a question of why and when organisations are taking the step forward into a new mode of working, but only how this can be done immediately to secure the business continuity. The change happens now - and the question is now how we design it.

This website is about a digital panel discussion initiative - orginated by an memory sharing of Jon Husband on the discussions of the Enterprise 2.0 SUMMIT in Paris where international thought leaders discussed the recommendations for the transformation of work from 2009 - 2015. The core essence of the Enterprise 2.0 discussions was about new models of organisations that allow new flexible modes of working.

With the Covid virus and the shut-down of offices and branches around the world all organizations are faced with an adhoc situation to get work done remotely and digitally.

The online gatherings of Digital Work Disruption wants to provide practical advices of Enterprise 2.0 Thinkers & Thought Leaders for this new situation.

The discussions are held periodically and streamed via Youtube to this website.