Covid-19 and its lock-down consequences have changed the game of the journey towards a digital enabled work organisation. It is not a question of why and when organisations are taking the step forward into a new mode of working, but only how this can be done immediately to secure the business continuity. The change happens now - and the question is now how we design it.

This Digital Work Disruption project is an subject-matter expert driven initiative discussing the changes and challenges on this journey in regualar virtual meetups.

The key topics of these meetups are:

  • What are the principles and learnings from existing Enterprise 2.0 / Social / Digital Work discussions & initiatives that provide the foundation for the jump start into the digital & distributed work era?
  • What are key competences for organisational team members in a distributed digital working environment?
  • What are the consequences for leaders and managers and their way of leading and managing in this "new operational normal"?
  • What are the recommendations for team-based/organizational changes & quick wins to guarantee an effective & efficient distributed work collaboration?

#e20dwd Meetup Recordings