Join the discussions at the Digital Work Disruption Conference on 26/08


The "Digital Work Disruption" conference on August 26 is a summary of the discussions from the Digital Work Disruption meetup community. It's a best-of collection of ideas and recommendations on how to drive a sustainable change towards a "new normal" in working from the leading Enterprise Social & Digital Transformation thought leaders. The conference provides a concise and provocative summary of thoughts on how to achieve a digital working mode @ scale.


11.10 am CEST

Eröffnung & Icebreaker

11.20 am CEST

Maximising value from Social Technology; the three maturity stages

11.30 am CEST

Has the Digital Workplace become 'the office' yet?

  • Luis SuarezDigital Transformation & Data Analytics Adviser, Panagenda
    Luis Suarez, Panagenda
11.40 am CEST

Supporting the Continuous Learning Journey with the Digital Workplace

  • Simon ThompsonIntranet Consultant/Contractor, Experience Applied
    Simon Thompson, Experience Applied
11.50 am CEST

Change Needs Engagement Leadership - Especially On the Journey Towards New Frontiers

12.00 pm CEST

If the digital workplace is your dancefloor, asynchronous is your beat.

12.10 pm CEST

Keynote: The new normal: plotting the course from crisis mode to a future of distributed work

12.20 pm CEST

Embracing the Crisis as Opportunity to Change Towards a Digital Organisation

12.30 pm CEST

Diskussion: Challenges to overcome for the Distributed Working as the New Normal

12.50 pm CEST

Virtuelle Kaffeepause mit Networking & Chat

01.50 pm CEST

How communities Are Revealing the Future of Work

  • Rachel HappeFounder of Engaged Organizations, Co-Founder of The Community Roundtable
    Rachel Happe, Co-Founder of The Community Roundtable
02.10 pm CEST

Building Blocks for the Dynamic Enterprise in a Post-2020 Era

02.30 pm CEST

Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Change Toward Digital Work

  • John HovellManaging Director & Co-Founder, STRATactical International
    John Hovell, STRATactical International
02.40 pm CEST

Virtuelle Mittagspause mit Networking & Chat

03.50 pm CEST

Wirearchies and their ongoing implications

  • Jon HusbandPresident, Work Design Associates
    Jon Husband, Work Design Associates
04.10 pm CEST

Mastering Digital Leadership

04.30 pm CEST

Facilitating innovation management in a distributed world of working

05.20 pm CEST

Virtuelle Kaffeepause mit Networking & Chat

05.20 pm CEST

Virtuelle Kaffeepause mit Networking & Chat

05.50 pm CEST

Creative Tension: Identity and Innovation in Adaptive Organizations

  • Dr. Erika JacobiFounder, LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc. (NYC) / LC GLOBAL GmbH (Munich)
    Dr. Erika Jacobi, LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc. (NYC) / LC GLOBAL GmbH (Munich)
06.10 pm CEST

Bringing the Dots Together For Enabling Change in a World of Complexity

06.30 pm CEST

How to Unleash the Digital Collaboration Spirit in an Enterprise-wide Scope?

07.00 pm CEST