Digital Work Disruption

The "Digital Work Disruption" conference on August 26 is a summary of the discussions from the Digital Work Disruption meetup community. It's a best-of collection of ideas and recommendations on how to drive a sustainable change towards a "new normal" in working from the leading Enterprise Social & Digital Transformation thought leaders. The conference provides a concise and provocative summary of thoughts on how to achieve a digital working mode @ scale.


09.10 am CEST

Opening & Icebreaker

09.30 am CEST

Has the Digital Workplace become 'the office' yet? Achievements & further challenges on the way towards a era of distributed work @ scale

  • Luis SuarezDigital Transformation & Data Analytics Adviser, Panagenda
    Luis Suarez, Panagenda
09.50 am CEST

Change Needs Engagement Leadership - Especially On the Journey Towards New Frontiers

10.10 am CEST

The new normal: plotting the course from crisis mode to a future of distributed work

10.30 am CEST

Discussion: Challenges to overcome for the Distributed Working as the New Normal

10.50 am CEST

Virtual Coffee Break With Networking & Chat

11.20 am CEST

Maximising value from Social Technology; the three maturity stages

11.40 am CEST

Supporting the Continuous Learning Journey with the Digital Workplace

  • Simon ThompsonIntranet Consultant/Contractor, Experience Applied
    Simon Thompson, Experience Applied
12.00 pm CEST

If the digital workplace is your dancefloor, asynchronous is your beat.

12.20 pm CEST

Embracing the Crisis as Opportunity to Change Towards a Digital Organisation

12.40 pm CEST

Virtual Lunch Break With Networking & Chat

01.50 pm CEST

How Communities Are Revealing the Future of Work

  • Rachel HappePrinciple & Co-Founder, The Community Roundtable
    Rachel Happe, The Community Roundtable
02.10 pm CEST

Building Blocks for the Dynamic Enterprise in a Post-2020 Era

02.30 pm CEST

Innovative Approaches for Sustainable Change Toward Digital Work

  • John HovellManaging Director & Co-Founder, STRATactical International
    John Hovell, STRATactical International
03.20 pm CEST

Virtual Coffee Break With Networking & Chat

03.50 pm CEST

Wirearchies and their ongoing implications

04.10 pm CEST

Mastering Digital Leadership

04.30 pm CEST

Facilitating innovation management in a distributed world of working

05.20 pm CEST

Virtual Coffee Break With Networking & Chat

05.50 pm CEST

Creative Tension: Identity and Innovation in Adaptive Organizations

  • Dr. Erika JacobiFounder, LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc. (NYC) / LC GLOBAL GmbH (Munich)
    Dr. Erika Jacobi, LC GLOBAL Consulting Inc. (NYC) / LC GLOBAL GmbH (Munich)
06.10 pm CEST

Bringing the Dots Together For Enabling Change in a World of Complexity

06.30 pm CEST

How to Unleash the Digital Collaboration Spirit in an Enterprise-wide Scope?

07.00 pm CEST